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Thursday, August 25, 2005 

Ergonomics in the kitchen

When I finally get around to remodelling my kitchen, I'm looking forward to applying some good ergonomics principles to the layout and positioning of work spaces and utilities, because my current layout drives me nuts. The sink is too low for me, the cupboards are too high for my girlfriend and the movement between the cooker, sink, and fridge is cumbersome, especially when the cat sits in the middle of the floor.

I found this article earlier and thought it might be useful for anyone brave enough to start designing a new kitchen. Although fairly short and sweet, there are some good nuggets of information in it:

"taller people (5'- 5" and above) would feel comfortable working with a 10" deep sink, smaller persons (5'- 0") could be at greater ease with 8" deep sinks"

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